Trainings for corporations


Mindfulness training in corporations: A brief synopsis

This approach presents an opportunity for corporations to develop staff engagement and collective productivity through the adoption of mindfulness based training.

Creative Engagement training specifically builds up the skills and abilities of these main areas and brings them together to enhance personal and team engagement. They are among the primary foundations of mindfulness and they can be clearly and effectively applied to the remit and values of your company.

  1. Having a clear sense of purpose in any given situation
  2. Being wholeheartedly engaged in that action or project
  3. Having a qualitative sense of the value of that action or project

These three foundations are applied to all our corporate training.

Mindfulness can be introduced into the work place in four ways

  1. For the individual to use as they wish e.g. such as weekly lunchtime classes. Creative engagement has been providing weekly classes to EBRD for nearly four years. Recent classes have had nearly fifty attendees
  2. Specific training e.g. Mindful communication training.
  3. Away day training for a whole department or team.
  4. Systemic training. e.g. Introducing the principles, skills and methods of mindfulness to a number of teams in a department. It is an approach which can eventually underlie and run through the decision-making and implementing process of a department.

Topics included in trainings for corporations

Developing personal mindfulness.

The training in developing personal mindfulness is clear, practical and easily implemented.

Mindfulness in the sense of knowing what matters in terms of personal and common values and which actions best express those values

We explore how a clear sense of values develop.

Mindfulness and the broad perspective, this informs the specifics of what the individual and team are actually doing

There is a maxim in mindfulness which is that even though you have a focus on one thing you are clear about the bigger picture and how they relate.

Mindfulness of responsibility and duty; individually and collectively.

This training develops clarity on the expectations, responsibilities and duties of the individual within the team and the project.

Mindful communication

Mindful communication within the team will be explored during the training with a view to consciously developing mindfulness based communication skills across the team.